Christmas spirit

This time of year can be a difficult time for many whether suffering loss, illness or just plain stress and pressure which seem to be piled on around the Christmas season.  

Being with or without family and friends can produce stress for all of us.  Thinking about Christmas peace and its meaning I was reminded by a child how special this time can be when you can look inward, past any pain and suffering to the good things in your life or that you would like to have in your future.   

This little girl had an idea to create a decorated jar  of happiness to serve as a reminder of positive experiences when she was feeling unhappy.  Different coloured pieces of paper are inside and on each are written something positive that has been said about her or that she has experienced.   When she feels a bit sad she takes out the slips of paper and reads them.  Although childlike and a very simple idea on one level these often prove to be the best kind of ideas.  

What would be in your happiness jar? Something in the past, present or future?  

Seasons Greetings and positive wishes to you all.