Stress - helping yourself


Stress - how to live with it? 

Life is stressful. Some stress is good for us and motivational as without it we wouldn't be productive each day, however when do you know when it is becoming too much? 

We all revert back to bad habits when we are living a constant life of heightened stress. We know what we need to do and what is good for us but somehow life is so busy we forget to take care of ourselves and counteract the stress hormone cortisol flooding our system.  We start to notice stress induced symptoms which are designed to encourage us to take notice, re think and hopefully inspire new positive habits.  

I am regularly reminded with my counselling work that people facing very difficult circumstances sometimes cannot remember the last time they did something small for themselves and often need a little nudge to take better care of and  value themselves.  

So here is a little reminder to do the good stuff we all know but forget to do  -

Take a break - Do something small just for yourself each day, take time to indulge in something that makes you feel good. 

Breathe mindfully whenever you feel stressed and visualise the stressful feelings flowing out.

Don't be too hard on yourself and have unrealistic expectations, try to treat yourself as you would a best friend. 

Do some exercise, preferably outside, giving you the double whammy of sunlight (vitamin D) and exercise endorphins (the happy hormone) - even brisk walking is great. 

Look at your diet and watch the caffeine, alcohol and nicotine intake. 

Try to get a little more sleep during stressful periods. 

Share your worries with supportive family and friends.

Seek medical help if you are worried about yourself or your health. 

If you still feel overwhelmed by stress then maybe look into some therapeutic counselling help in order to explore the causes. Doing this with somebody who is trained to listen without judgement can be both powerful and insightful, helping you to help yourself feel better.