Working to create self esteem

Many issues that present themselves during therapy can highlight a persons' low self esteem or lack of belief in themselves.   I am reminded frequently that the way in which an individual sees themselves affects everything they do.  Those with high self esteem seem to have high energy, productivity and generally a good level of well being and feeling of happiness.  

Building momentum during positive life experiences to create a greater sense of self worth and satisfaction seems obvious but what about when we lose that momentum and lose trust in ourselves and my personal favourite - procrastination - creeps in.

So how about some general pointers towards tried and tested ways in which to increase self esteem and getting motivated?

These could include:-

Starting small, setting yourself a small goal each day that can be built upon to create a sense of achievement, whilst visualising where you would like to be.  

Making connections with others to build interpersonal skills, reaching out to others in times of their need has a proven positive psychological effect on the one reaching out. 

Do something you are good at and reflect on it - could you pass on that knowledge to others?

Setting a goal for yourself - where you would like to be and how you might achieve getting there, as knowing where you want to go is halfway there.  

Do something that scares you or that you find difficult.  Okay, so this is a pretty tricky one for most of us, but by challenging the fear and turning it from a negative to a positive you increase your self worth by enforcing greater self belief.  Achieving something for yourself that you thought was impossible has huge benefits for your self esteem.

There are many other ways to improve self worth and confidence.  Sometimes life experience may have dented your confidence and made you feel less worthy.  Sometimes counselling can help address these negative patterns.   Remember though, even small steps can gradually make a difference to a positive new you in 2016.