Being happier ....

As many clients come to counselling with the sole objective of "being happier" I thought I would share some positive habits to recreate that many say improves their feelings of happiness.  Obviously these are not going to "fix" many long term issues that people come to counselling for but taking a positive step to help yourself can go a long way help motivate and encourage when life feels really difficult.   

1. Be quiet for 20 minutes a day.  This allows the brain to calm and be creative.  

2. Give and receive hugs - physical contact stimulates the feel good hormone.  

3. Read a book, the act of sitting and reading can reduce stress.  

4. Laugh out loud - humour is proven to strengthen the immune system.   

5. Stay active, exercise increases the feel good feeling and clears negativity.  

 ( taken from the power of positivity's 5 ways to be happier online )  

All the above may seem simple but it can also be a challenge to find time to recreate new habits in the fast paced world we live in.   Definitely worth trying out.