Young People and Mental Health Awareness

I generally feel that access to mental health care is difficult for many with either cost, availability or even low self esteem issues facilitating the "I'm not bad enough to need therapy" or " I'm not worth it" feelings.  This feeling can be difficult but not insurmountable with therapy, even if it feels this way.  Younger people seem to struggle even more with accessing therapy to help them with peer pressure, bullying and stress in a judgemental and performance driven society.  

With this in mind I was so encouraged last week to witness a change in awareness with social media being used for good by spreading the mental awareness heart symbol  ❤    This demonstrated that the sender (or wearer in the case of young teenagers I've spoken to) shows empathy towards suffers of mental health difficulties. 

Young teenagers were choosing to draw a heart on their hands on 16th January  to demonstrate they were either in sympathy of, or suffer from, an illness such as anorexia, bulimia, anxiety and depression.  The symbol showed  that the wearer was prepared to reach out to those in need and "give a hug" to their friends who needed it.   

What an insightful and empathic thing to do - in a world where much of the press about young people is negative and depressing -here they are trying to supporrt each other to obtain better health.  

What a lovely thing.