An exercise in positivity

With recent tragic events featuring loss and trauma that we are all acutely aware of and get highlighted to us everywhere, it made me think about positive influences towards mental health and creating a positive rather than negative spiral of thinking.   Out of every tragic event comes heart warming evidence of heroism and people reaching out to others in despair with an inspiring outpouring of kindness.  

  Negative thinking can undermine a persons confidence and self esteem, making them feel bad about themselves and ultimately that they are not worthy of being happy.   When self esteem is high it's easier to believe that you can overcome difficulties and that you will find a way. Somehow a positive approach triggers a belief that you can manage your worries and that can then lead to change and overcoming of adversity.  

Doing something that you enjoy or brings joy to others can build your self esteem and make you feel good about yourself.   Trying to make a habit, even when things seem very dark or hopeless, of thinking positively about yourself and your qualities that you have (yes - you too, everybody has them) and by focusing on enhancing those qualities everyone can increase their positive thinking in maybe a small yet significant way.  This can be built on regularly through practice to create better self esteem and a more positive outlook.  From small acorns great oak trees can grow.