Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health week is every week within my practice but I welcome the ongoing and increasing awareness in mental health and the message that it's okay to seek help.  I hope that with high profile support and people taking courage to speak out there will be less stigma In seeking support for all mental illness.   I think culturally the British stiff upper lip has kept people away from therapy unless they have a close bereavement or are suffering wth life changing illness, then it seems to be acceptable.  I welcome a society where everybody can experience therapy if they need or want it from an early age (mindfulness and mental health self care should be taught in schools I believe) as life seems is fast paced and comes with relentless pressure especially for young people and those using social media.   We know  to exercise our bodies and take care of nutrition and sleep so why not take care of our minds as well?   We all need some self compassion and some quiet space to pause and process what's happening in our lives.  Although therapy can help with  issues long and short term, taking control of being kind to ourselves and doing something compassionate for ourselves everyday is empowering and mentally soothing. 

Happy mental health awareness week !