New Year ... New start

A Happy new year to everybody.   I hope that this year is a good year for all.   Sometimes over the festive season nerves and esteem can take a bashing especially coping with all the festive season entails, or doesn’t entail that you would like it to.    

In the spirit of new year, new start and new possibilities I found this little exercise in creating a greater awareness of self esteem which I thought I’d share. It’s worth a thought even if a bit time consuming.  I work sometimes in sessions with this principle but how it’s shared here would take up a lot of session time, it’s more like a project you can keep and add to throughout the year.  

Set aside some time and write down every single thing you think you’ve  been successful at - small or large it doesn’t matter.  Whether you think they are significant or not it doesn’t matter,  just jot them down. When you can’t think of anything else write down next to them the qualities you’ve needed to achieve that success - sheer drive and determination, perserverence - courage - hope - kindness - friendship and .... 

its interesting to see on your list how you were successful, (even if you’d forgotten) how you overcame difficulty to achieve with the personal qualities you have. How can you harness those going forward?  Once you get going the results can be surprising.