Frequently asked Questions

How do I book and how soon can you see me?
A first appointment can be made, usually by phone, although please feel free to email or text if you prefer.  We will arrange a time for an initial appointment when it suits you, usually the same week. I offer daytime, some evening and Saturday morning appointments.   See Contact for further information.

Will it be confidential?
Yes.  I follow the BACP Ethical Framework policy and all records and details are stored confidentially.  In exceptional circumstances where a person (or one/both of a couple) is in danger of harm to themselves or others we would discuss the need to seek further help together.  Please ask if you would like further information regarding this. 

How many sessions will I  need and how often?
Each 50 minute session (60 minutes for couples) is ideally undertaken weekly, although every fortnight or less frequently can be arranged.  The number of sessions depends on each person or the couples' presenting issues.  I can cater for short or long term counselling.  Typically most people start with 3-6 sessions and then we review progress together,  although you are under no obligation, you decide what is best for you personally.  

How much is it?
Please see the FEES page, which explains in detail how much a session costs and also information regarding reduced fees and introductory sessions.

Will I still have to pay if I miss a session?
No, providing that you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time and let me know as soon as possible so that your appointment can be given to somebody else. 

How soon will I feel better?
This depends on the nature of the issue. Every person is different, however talking about a problem provides many with an immediate sense of relief that over time can provide the strength to face the challenges ahead in a more positive way. Taking that first step to seek help can feel really huge, yet over time as we focus on  the changes you are experiencing in relation to an issue, clients look back and wonder at how far they have come and the progress that they have made.  Most are also able to see a way forward for themselves more clearly.