Why seek counselling?

"80% Of clients that seek therapy end up feeling in a better place than those who don't have help."

(ICCE, International Centre for Clinical Excellence.com)

Counselling offers you a private place to talk about your feelings and issues.  I am trained to confidentially listen, without judgement, in order to help you improve your life in a way that works for you.  

Counselling isn't advice giving, tea and sympathy or chatting to a friend, (although these may be helpful elsewhere). Sometimes the discussion of feelings can be painful or confusing, however explored within a professional, impartial environment can bring enlightenment and resolution for you over time.  Analysing sometimes painful feelings can feel like an uphill struggle at times but remember that you are always in control of the therapy and what you feel is best for you.  I would encourage you to be empowered in this way to improve your self esteem and awareness.  

Starting therapy can be viewed as defeat - a failure to cope, but really it is the beginning of a stronger, healthier emotional person taking back their power to make choices that build esteem and self confidence.

I think that counselling is an investment in yourself to release painful past experiences which are stopping you from living the life you want. Counselling with me focuses on you reaching a more confident and self-accepting place where you are better placed to cope. 

I work relationally, which means using the different aspects of the professional counselling relationship built in trust, understanding, honesty and empathy.  I strive to make sure that you never feel judged, but are accepted for who you are. 

It is important that you choose a therapist that is right for you and you feel comfortable with. This is why I offer a no-obligation free of charge first session for individuals so that you can explore with me how you feel without pressure to commit to therapy.  Clients often feel that therapy isn't what they expected and is more helpful than they imagined.  We can work collaboratively on what is is that is causing you distress in your life. 

For further information on counselling, the process and how I work with clients take a look at my Blog page as this will give you a feel for what counselling is to me and how clients feel about therapy and the process.  If you want definition and further in depth reading regarding the counselling process check out the BACP's website at BACP.co.uk / Its good to talk.  If you have further questions please feel free to call me or email and I will do my best to help.